Canada Family Sponsorship Program

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

IRCC have placed policies and legislations to support family reunification.

Recent immigrants and long-established Canadians can be reunited with his/her family or relatives thru the Family Sponsorship programs.

Though the minimum eligibility criteria to be a sponsor only requires you to be at least 18 years old and a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, some of the sponsorship program may require you to satisfy a minimum income requirement.

Your sponsored family member/relative will become a permanent resident with the right to live, study and work in Canada.

  • Types of Sponsorship:
  • Spousal Sponsorship

    Spouse of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen can come and become a permanent resident through this program. This program is also applicable to common-law partner.

    This programs requires you and your spouse/common-law partner to prove the genuinity of your relationship.

  • Dependent Children Sponsorship

    You can sponsor your dependent child/children who is under 19 years old and does not have a spouse or partner.

  • Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship
  • Other Relatives Sponsorship

    If you meet the all conditions, you can sponsor orphaned close relatives or other relatives like brothers/sister, nephews/nieces or grandchildren.

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