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  • Why become a Canadian citizen?
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  • If you are a permanent resident in Canada, you will have the opportunity to become a Canadian citizen by naturalization when you meet the residency required along with other requirements.
  • On the surface, permanent resident and Canadian citizen seem to enjoy the same benefits except that citizens have the right to vote and/or run for a political office. Though this is the most important advantage that a citizen have over that of a permanent resident, for some, this difference is not so much of an alluring benefit to make them consider becoming a citizen.
  • If you examine closely, Canadian citizenship actually offers more advantages than just the right to vote or run a political office. For starters, you won't need to renew a PR card that permanent resident have to show their residency status. Since PR cards are only valid for five years, you will need to apply for a new one and pay the fee.
  • Another advantage is that citizenship is a more reliable status of residency than that of permanent resident. Permanent residents will lose their status if they have not meet the minimum required time of stay in Canada while Canadian citizen can spend as much time as they like outside Canada.
  • And when permanent residents have proven to have committed a crime, violated immigration rules or being a security threat to Canadians, they can be deported and sent back to their country of origin.
  • When traveling to other parts of the world, a Canadian passport may be more useful since many countries allow Canadians to enter without the need of a visa. Though this maybe not always the case but this is certainly something you will need to consider in comparison to your passport that is issued by your country of birth.
  • Job eligibility is another condition that a Canadian citizen might have an advantage over that of a permanent resident. While it is true that permanent residents can work to any employer who wish to hire them without the need for special immigration permit, some jobs positions may require citizenship especially those government jobs with high-level security clearance.
  • Lastly, Canadian citizen can pass all those advantages mentioned above to their children. Children of Canadian parents are automatically Canadians. So unlike the permanent resident, their children will not have to go through the process of naturalization.
  • If you are a Canadian citizen and was born outside Canada, we can help you apply for your proof of citizenship.
  • If you are a permanent resident, we can assess your eligibility to apply for citizenship and help you apply for one.

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