Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you are hesitating to use a representative. Like most of our clients, they have few questions they want answered first before calling us or use our service.

Here are the frequently asked questions:

  • 1. Do you service or represent clients outside Canada?
  • 2. How much does it cost to use your service in my immigration application?
  • 3. Do I need to pay the full amount right away?
  • 4. Can I get the initial consultation fee waived if I will sign up for your service?
  • 5. What are the mode of payments accepted?
  • 6. Do I get a refund if my application is not approved?
  • 7. What happens if I decide to discontinue your representation and use other consultant/lawyer?
  • 8. Do I get a discount or lesser service charge if I will use your service to renew my permit/visa which you previously handled for me?
  • 9. Does your staff speak other language other than English?

Yes. We have been helping clients from different parts of Canada and the world. Our technology nowadays allows us to communicate and forward legal documents where ever there is internet.

The cost of your immigration application depends on what program you are applying for, the number of family member included and the over-all complexity of your qualification. Generally, the cost will include the government fees (like IRCC processing fee, learning institution fee and provincial fees) and our service/professional fee.
So, for us to give you a quote, we will need to assess your case through an initial consultation.

No. We will arrange and agree on a payment schedule which will be detailed in the contract or Retainer Agreement.

Yes as promotional offer only. There are occasions that as part of our promotional activity, we offer the consultation to be free if you decide to use our service. So consultation fee is still required to paid upfront.

We accept debit and most credit cards. We can also provide you information needed to do electronic fund transfer or Interac E-transfer and direct bank deposit. Also, if requested, our e-invoice has an option for you to pay online using your credit card.

We do refunds if the application has not yet been submitted to IRCC or any gov’t agencies or depending on the stage of the application. But once application has been submitted, we no longer refund fees. Our representation fee and the gov’t fees are based on the services and not based on the outcome. More information about fees and refunds will be discussed during consultation and will be stated in our Contract or Retainer Agreement.

As a client, it is your decision to be represented or not. If represented, it is also your decision who to hire as a representative. If we will be hired and retained, but later on change your mind, depending on the stage of the application, we will issue refunds.

No. We do not normally give discounts to renewal applications for previously handled case.

Canada Assist staff are capable to fluently communicate with English, and Tagalog.